Entrepreneurship Course is started!

/ April 16, 2021

The “Entrepreneurship Training Course for Beginners” started in April 2021 in its first edition, for the students of the first BBChina Edition (Academic Year 2019/20).

It is scheduled as in the following table:

Lecture TitleDateLecturer
Introduction to the concept of entrepreneurship12/04/2021Jelena Mazaj
Social responsibility in entrepreneurship19/04/2021Wei Peng
Entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes26/04/2021Ning Wang 
Management skills10/05/2021Ning Wang 
Intercultural, linguistic and ICT skills17/05/2021Hua Zhang
Conceptualizing the project: business concept and canvas31/05/2021Lu Houfang
Business planning – tools 4 entrepreneurs07/06/2021Tingting Peng
Entrepreneurship in Europe and China14/06/2021Liping Hao

At the end of the course, students, in groups as assignment, elaborate a business plan targeting bioeconomy or renewables. They will also get a certificate of participation issued by CESIE.

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