Entrepreneurship Course

An Entrepreneurship Course is planned during the second year of the Master Program, aimed at empowering entrepreneurship attitude in the Master students.

The course has been developed by the partner CESIE, based on their experience in the field. The program of the entrepreneurship course was fit to the students’ target following a “learning needs assessment survey”. The survey focused on the identification of specific students’ knowledge/skill gaps in the field of entrepreneurship and soft skills and was completed by the first edition students in each partner university through a questionnaire. The survey collected the student’s learning needs and oriented the development of learning material according to the results.

Once developed the course, the teachers of the Chinese HEIs have been trained via a “Train the Trainers” activity. The activity was planned to be held at CESIE’s premises in Palermo in spring 2020 but, due to the Pandemic, it took place online between the end of June and Mid July 2020. The feedback from the involved trainers was also collected to better fit the course material.

The aim of the training is to provide an integrated framework of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of entrepreneurship to graduates in Bio-based Economy master programme, which would allow students to orient themselves better in national and international working environment while incepting and developing enterprises.

The training programme integrates learning material about entrepreneurship, management and teamwork skills, intercultural and linguistic competences, ICT competences and other relevant subjects.

The pre-course survey was submitted to the students of the first BBChina Master Program edition. It was aimed at knowing and evaluate their previous knowledge about the topics of the course about entrepreneurship to be developed so that the module can be as useful as possible for all the students. Given the number and the range of backgrounds of the first edition students, it was considered the results of this population sample as a valid reference also for the incoming years. During the “Train the Trainers” activity, feedback on the course was also collected from the future trainers, feedback aimed to fine-tune the course with their inputs.

The learning material, further modified and updated based on the feedback collected will be uploaded on the e-learning platform, ready to be used for the Entrepreneurship Course.