The project partners involved in the project are the following: University of Florence (UNIFI), Italy, Co-ordinator, University of Rostock (UROS), Germany, Mälardalen University (MDH), Sweden, Tongji University (TJU), China, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), China, Sichuan University (SCU), China, and CESIE, Italy.

The BBChina partnership merges entities having a sound experience and knowledge in education, training and research.

Both European and Chinese HEIs expertise cover the whole topic of biomass to bioenergy and bioproducts with minimum overlap on the topics.

The scientific expertise is distributed as in the following:

  • UNIFI expertise is highly qualified in agro forestry, energy crops, thermochemical conversion and biofuels,
  • UROS expertise is highly qualified in the field of Waste Management and Material Flow, of mechanical, biological and thermal treatment systems of waste and biomass, of bioenergy integration in renewable energy systems and of Land Management and Environmental Protection,
  • MDH expertise is highly qualified in the field of Advanced Energy Systems, of biomass, and biogas, thermodynamic properties of fluids, and technologies of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) and of biorefineries.
  • TJU expertise is on biological, thermal treatment systems and sustainable landfilling of waste,
  • ECUST on gasification and carbon capture and storage (CCS) and on biofuels,
  • SCU on agro forestry, energy crops, solid biomass and bio-fuel feedstock resource, biofuels, Green Chemistry.

The seventh partner is the NGO CESIE, an European centre of studies and initiatives. CESIE is entrusted to prepare the e-learning platform supporting the Master activities, it is acting as a cultural broker, ensuring consistency of activities, facilitating learning process and providing a 1st party quality control, and it will also coordinate the action to train students in the principles of entrepreneurship, based on its experience in previous European Supported Projects.