University of Rostock


The University of Rostock (abbreviated UROS) is the oldest university in the Baltic Sea Region. It comprises of nine faculties. 13,766 students in total were enrolled at the University of Rostock in winter term 2015/16. 1,745 permanent staff members (292 Professors) and around 700 project staff members are working at UROS.


In particular, the staff of the Professorship Waste Management and Material Flow at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are involved to the project. Especially in the field of mechanical and biological waste treatment and bioenergy the department has inland and abroad long-term experiences. They range from different conditioning treatments, biological stabilization of waste to the fermentation of organic waste. Numerous projects run in the field of energetic utilization of biomass mainly by biogas generation. The Department accompanies applied research and development projects and is committed to knowledge and technology transfer, primarily in the Asiatic (China, Vietnam, India) and Arabic (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan) countries.


UROS is directly involved in the definition of master course curriculum and contents. Its academic staff is involved in teaching and training activities, in preparing teaching materials as well as in assisting Chinese teachers and students respectively during the visit tours and mobility periods