BBChina in a nutshell

The project BBChina aims to help People’s Republic of China fully exploiting its wide bioenergy and biobased products potential, through the implementation of a 120 ECTS equivalent Master Program on Bio-Based Circular economy in three Chinese Universities, Tongji University and East China University of Science and Technology, both from Shanghai, and the Sichuan University of Chengdu.

The exploitation of this high potential could help strongly decreasing the present use of fossil fuels in China that dramatically increases the local pollution as well as the global warming at world level. In fact, declining fossil fuels availability and increasing environmental problems, including global warming and air pollution, are driving Chinese society to search for new sustainable sources of energy such as bioenergy and biofuels as well as biochemicals substituting petrochemical derived materials.

Biomass provides an ideal alternative to fossil resources; indeed, biomass is the only sustainable source of interest organic compounds and has been proposed as the ideal equivalent to petroleum for the production of fuels and energy.