Mälardalen University


Mälardalen University (abbreviated MDH) is one of Sweden’s large institutes of higher education. The University has over 14,000 students studying our 52 programmes and 1,000 courses, and almost 900 faculty and staff. MDH is characterised by close partnerships with businesses and the public sector in the region, making our University attractive to students - and our students attractive on the labour market.


In particular, the activities are conducting by Future Energy Center (FEC), which is one of Sweden's strongest environments in process optimization targeting the process industry and the energy sector. FEC develops innovative solutions and tools within the areas of energy, building and environmental engineering. FEC comprises nine professors, a further fifteen senior researchers and more than forty graduate students. The expertise of MDH is mostly focussed in the field of Advanced Energy Systems, of biomass, and biogas, thermodynamic properties of fluids, and technologies of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) and of biorefineries


MDH is directly involved in the definition of master course curriculum and contents. Its academic staff is involved in teaching and training activities, in preparing teaching materials as well as in assisting Chinese teachers and students respectively during the visit tours and mobility periods.