The second semester of the First Year of BBChina Master Program is just concluded!

/ July 6, 2020

The second semester of the first edition of the BBChina Master Program is just closed.

Despite the Pandemic, the second semester, after a delayed start, ran smoothly, thanks to the full utilisation of all the Distance Learning tools previously developed and set-up, including the BBChina e-learning platform.

The second-semester courses closed with the discussion of the projects elaborated by the students during the courses.

In particular, during the second-semester teaching was held for the two brand new courses fully elaborated within the BBChina project activities: the course “Bioeconomy, Energy Market and Green Market” and the course “Renewable Energy Technologies”.

Congratulations to all the 46 BBChina Master students of the three involved Chinese Universities. Wishing them a Happy Summer Pause!

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