First Edition Started!

/ October 18, 2019

Following the planned time schedule, the first edition of the BBChina Master program is started in September 2019.

Lesson at TJU
Prof. Hua Zhang introduces the program to the BBChina students at Tongji University

Fifteen students in each of the involved Chinese Higher Education Institutions have been enrolled in the new program devoted to the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, for a total of forty-five students.

Lesson at TJU
The students of Tongji University having a lesson of the course “Wastewater Treatment Theory and Technology”

The close cooperation in between the partnership, the strong commitment of the Chinese Universities, made it possible to get to the first project milestone in due time.

Lesson at ECUST
Prof. Jianye Xia giving a lesson to the BBChina students for the course of “Bioreactor Engineering” at East China University of Science and Technology

Close collaboration not only during the preparation and implementation of the action but also all along with the running of lessons.

Lesson at ECUST
Prof. Jie Bao of East China University of Science and Technology giving the courses of “Bioenergy Process Engineering”

As a matter of example, the two courses “Bioreactor Engineering” and “Bioenergy Process Engineering” at ECUST were videoed and shared with the partners of Tongji University and Sichuan University.

Lesson at SCU
Lesson at Sichuan University for the Course of “Biomass Energy: Technology and Application”

Synergies, Collaboration, Commitment: all for building capacity in the Circular Economy, opening channels for cooperation between Europe and China!

Lesson at SCU
Prof.Ying Xu giving a lesson of “Plant Development Biology” to BBChina students of Sichuan University
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